251 Exeter Rd. N. Kingstown, RI

Over the last year, we've been scaling up our worm farming to include a 100' hoop house in North Kingstown, RI. The space is allowing us to produce worms and castings at a larger volume as well as to experiment with different methods for composting with worms at all scales. The hoop house is one of many on the property, operated by the Schartner family. We've begun running research trials in the adjacent greenhouses to test castings and worm brew on various microgreens and veggies.


Worm Windrow

Central to the hoop house system is an 80-foot windrow. Fruit pulp and other organics are added to the active end, where thousands of red wigglers move in to feed. The system is a continuous loop that is primarily designed for castings production.


Once the worms, bacteria, and fungi have broken down the fruit pulp and organics into rich compost, we pass the material through the harvester. This helps to screen house larger particles and remaining worms.



We have a sixty gallon brewer that is used to make 'worm tea', or 'worm brew'. Fresh castings from the windrow are mixed with water, kelp, fish hydrolysate, and humic acid, and aerated for 24 to 48 hours.


Order Pick-ups

We also keep a full stock of products available for pick-up by appointment at the hoop house. Give us a call!