Nutrient Networks

Nutrient Networks is a Massachusetts based organization that provides education, planning, and implementation services for ecological sanitation systems. They continue to support the Worm Ladies in their expanding operation.


The Wiggle Room

The Wiggle Room is a Vermicomposting company based in Bridgeport, CT. We collaborate with owner Monique Bosch on all aspects of vermicomposting, from methods, research, harvesting, and product development. Monique is our go-to person for microscopy, and continues to amaze us with beautiful images and videos of soil oragnizms found in worm castings.


Jim and Madeleine Porter

Jim and Madeleine are veteran worm composters that we collaborate with. They have honed in on a highly effective flow through system that produces huge populations of worms and quality castings.


Schartner Farms

Our hoop house is one of many at the Slocum complex in North Kingstown. Surrounded by hoop houses,  greenhouses run, and just down the road from acres of land operated by Schartner Farms, we get to see first hand how they manage to produce top quality produce week after week. We are excited to collaborate with such knowledgeable and thoughtful growers. We're conducting trials of worm castings and worm tea to test their impacts on microgreens and vegetable health and yield.